About us

Sway Me Good started as an idea in the shower. The idea, in fairness, is quite simple. We wanted to build a tool to let everyone make the most out of their social media presence. Our team has led a fair few marketing campaigns before, we've directed companies that have used social media to grow in popularity. What we've realised is that, until now, there has been a huge gap in the market for a reliable standardised tool for micro-influencing, and influencing in general!

We've created a precise standardised verification system for influencers to know their worth, and share their online portfolio easily, saving time.

What is "Micro-influencing"?

Blue check marks are cool, but they shouldn't be the only factor in deciding who gets paid for their online profiles.

Everybody with followers, a feed, and the power to share has that chance too. So, here's how we built it...

We analyse a variety of different metrics including posting frequency, engagement (likes and comments), growth rates and more. We then run these through our unique machine learning and artificial intelligence fun-robots... Together, these metrics provide an accurate valuation for your social media post value.

What is verification on Sway Me Good?

There's a whole load of people out there, and it's important you stand out as the legitimate influencer that you are. With our Sway Me Good verification tool, you can prove to brands that you're who you really say you are, as well as showcasing all the stats that matter. Simply follow a few simple steps, such as completing your profile and connecting your social media account, and you can get your Sway Me Good verification and start working with the brands you love with less effort of negotiating!

What is it for?

Brands trust our valuations. So, when you approach a company, and offer to help them popularise their product or service, you know exactly what price you should be asking for. It's a bit like the tools that give you a price for your car, but without the cringey television jingles. Once you've set up your profile, all you need to do is share it with the brands you love.

Who is it for?

With Sway Me Good, everyone's an influencer. Impact is scalable, whatever your online presence, you could be rewarded for your posts. Impact is for everyone... It's your world, create it.

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