About Us

A revolutionary approach to influencer marketing.

We’re a creator marketing software platform designed to help you scale your influencer marketing campaigns, whether you’re an agency, brand or creator.

We’ve made it our mission to transform the way advertisers and creators discover, connect, and work together. We’ve created new opportunities for collaboration and pioneered a new approach to influencer marketing campaign management, powered by Sway Me Good's propriety MarTech software solution.

“Sway Me Good's mission to deliver efficiency in marketing processes requires us to constantly innovate to deliver global impact. In the age of artificial intelligence, big data, and an ever-increasing demand for creator advertising - the way we foster a fast growing community of advertisers and creators requires us to go above and beyond and to set the global standard for influencer marketing.”

Chief Executive Officer, James Eid

In the beginning

Officially launched in 2023 following two years of software development, we’re a passionate group of marketers, creators, UX designers, data scientists and software developers. We realised that the traditional approach to influencer marketing was no longer working for brands or for influencers. It’s too slow, inefficient and lacks the agility that today’s fast-paced, ultra connected world demands.

Continuously innovating using cutting edge technologies, our platform is ultimately about connecting people in the most efficient and meaningful ways possible.

Our Story

As is often the case, Sway Me Good was born as a solution to a problem. We emerged from within an established global fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand. As part of our marketing strategy, we wanted to run UGC and influencer campaigns at scale, but quickly realized that the traditional influencer marketing process was holding us back. It was impossible to brief and execute large-scale, creator-led campaigns with any degree of efficiency or efficacy. The process was lengthy, complex and frustratingly manual.

It was clear that the traditional influencer marketing campaign management workflow wasn’t designed to scale. We realized that if we wanted a different way, we needed to build it ourselves. So that’s exactly what we did. A separate division was launched with a mission to change the status quo and innovate through the marketing process.

This mission was so successful, that division became an independent company so that other businesses, from all around the world, could benefit.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of influencer marketing – in a reality whereby every consumer on social media has the potential to be reached with the right mix of creator and targeting. We also believe that every brand should be able to launch controlled influencer campaigns at scale with the same ease and efficiency that brands buy TV, radio, and billboard space.

Our Mission

We’ve set out to create something different. A platform that would bring incredible efficiency to influencer marketing. A tool that would allow brands and agencies to run their influencer campaigns at scale. To brief more efficiently, discover exactly the right creator, better target their audience, and drive enhanced results while saving time, reducing friction, and amplifying high quality content delivery at scale.

Following two years of intensive development, our start-up team of 20 talented individuals is united in one mission: to make your creator-led advertising processes better, faster, and more efficient.

Meet the Team

Based at One Angel Court, London, we created the Sway Me Good platform to create new opportunities for collaboration and streamline workflows when working at volume. We launched the beta version of Sway Me Good in October 2023 and have made countless upgrades and improvements since then. Innovation is at the core of what we do, and our product team continues to ship high quality, much needed, MarTech software solutions.

We’re constantly curious and always evolving what’s possible. One of our latest innovations is SwayMatch, an AI-driven tool which makes it even easier for brands to find the right creators. You can book a call to learn more about Sway Me Good's suite of creator marketing tools. Here are some of the people who make this happen.

Sway Me Good Media Group Ltd is a privately held business and is not open for investment at present.

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