Influencer expresses vulnerability on fetishisation of their disability

Photo credit: Instagram - Sandy Roberts - @the_searchforsilverlinings
Photo credit: Instagram - Sandy Roberts - @the_searchforsilverlinings

An entrepreneur and fashion influencer, Sandie Roberts, who runs a fashion guide for wheelchair users, has been experiencing daily sexual harassment on her social media platforms and feels "vulnerable and unprotected."

She has 39,000 followers on Instagram and believes that the harassment is coming from individuals with a fetish for disabled women. She has called on Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, to do more to protect users from harassment.

Roberts says that even though she sometimes posts pictures of herself in revealing clothing, she does not believe that it justifies her being objectified or harassed. She also faces a dilemma of removing followers who harass her, which would lead to her content being seen by fewer people.

An online safety expert, Hera Hussain, has stated that it is the platforms that should be doing more to keep users like Roberts safe and not expecting them to spend hours sifting through harassment messages.