Love Island winner Sanam banned as a Social Worker

Photo credit: ©Instagram / @sanamiee
Photo credit: ©Instagram / @sanamiee

The recent Winter Love Island winner has revealed that she is banned from returning to her former job, as a social worker. Sanam Harrinanan, who won the show's grand prize with her partner Kai Fagan, confessed that she is unable to go back to her former job, even if she desires to do so.

The 24-year-old star expressed her intention to utilise her platform to assist local children, but would need to look for a different job other than social work.

Meanwhile, Kai, who previously worked as a PE teacher, also desires to use his platform to contribute to society, but is searching for a different way to do so.

The couple, who won the show with 40% of public vote, denied rumours of their engagement despite their fans' eagerness for them to be betrothed.