Influencer forced to apologise for referring to a man as a "feral weirdo"

Photo credit: Instagram - Jessica Fernandez @jessica.frndz
Photo credit: Instagram - Jessica Fernandez @jessica.frndz

Influencer Jessica Fernandez apologised for her conduct in a viral TikTok video where she labelled a man as "feral" and made improper remarks about him.

In the video, she noticed the man watching her while she was lifting weights and accused him of making her feel like "a piece of meat." She also made a violent comment when he offered to put a plate on her dumbbell.

Jessica issued an apology saying she overreacted and that the man didn't do anything wrong. She recognised the harm her words could cause and expressed gratitude for being corrected, giving her the chance to learn from her mistake.

Influencer Joey Swoll, with 6 million TikTok followers, criticised Jessica's actions, saying there's a difference between staring and looking or glancing.