Judge details reasoning behind prolonged custody of Andrew Tate

Photo credit: EPA
Photo credit: EPA

A judge in Romania has detailed the reasons for extending the detention of Andrew Tate, citing him and his brother Tristan's "particular dangerousness" in targeting women, as well as their ability to exercise psychological control over victims and resorting to violence.

The brothers, who are being held for an additional 30 days while police investigate allegations of rape and human trafficking, deny the charges.

The judge also noted the brothers' ability to identify vulnerable victims and exploit them for financial gain, using tactics such as the "loverboy method."

The statement also revealed that the prosecution has presented evidence that the alleged victims were forced to work continuously for 12 hours with only a five-minute break.

The Tates are being held along with two Romanian women closely associated with them, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu. An appeal against their continued detention is expected next week.