Kate Middleton unveils new Instagram profile

Photo credit: Instagram / @earlychildhood
Photo credit: Instagram / @earlychildhood

Princess Kate has unveiled a new Instagram account for The Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, which will feature pictures and videos from her work on early childhood development, including her latest initiative Shaping Us.

The page showcases Kate's visits and meetings with campaign ambassadors, including Rochelle Humes, Professor Green, and Kate Silverton.

The Instagram account (@earlychildhood), which already has over 35,000 followers, aims to raise awareness of the significance of a child's formative years. With posts like videos of Kate explaining why the period from pregnancy to age 5 is crucial in shaping children's futures, and a special claymation video displayed in Piccadilly Circus.

Princess Kate's goal is to draw attention to the importance of early childhood development and the impact it has on shaping the adults we become. In her speech at Bafta's London HQ, she emphasised that understanding the significance of early years and taking action to help future generations of happy, healthy adults is essential.