Married at First Sight participants banned from Instagram

Photo Credit: Nine
Photo Credit: Nine

This year’s Married at First Sight brides and grooms have been forbidden by Channel Nine from launching social media careers following the show's success. In previous seasons, participants were handed back their Instagram accounts just two weeks after the finale, but this year's cast members, such as Evelyn Ellis, Bronte Schofield, and Harrison Boon, will have to wait until May 8th, after the show has finished airing in the UK, before they can regain access to their social media accounts.

The reason for this delay, according to an insider who spoke to Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday, is that Nine and the production company cannot risk the cast members going rogue on social media while season 10 is still airing in the UK. Furthermore, some participants may need to pay for their coveted "blue tick" verification badge, which may not be granted to them immediately. When they finally gain access to their accounts, their engagement levels may have significantly declined, affecting their potential earnings.

During the show's airing, participants were permitted to write their own captions on photos supplied by Nine's publicity team, but that was the extent of their allowed social media activity. Comments on their posts have been disabled, and the cast members are not permitted to access their direct messages, which is how sponsors would contact them.

One disgruntled bride complained to Daily Mail Australia that she doesn't have time to wait to get her social media accounts back, as she has already missed out on some brand manager messages. While some of this season's participants have doubled or even tripled their followings, their social media expansion pales in comparison to last year's season's stars, who left the show with half a million followers each. As the tenth season is still airing in the UK, the participants' accounts may continue to grow in the coming weeks.