TikTok rolls out screen time limits for teens

TikTok is introducing new features to promote well-being, particularly among young users. One major update is the introduction of a default screen time limit of 60 minutes per day for accounts belonging to users under the age of 18. Users over the age of 13 can bypass this limit by entering a passcode, but the app will send prompts reminding them of their usage.

Users under 13 cannot opt out of the limit, and a parent or guardian will control their watch time. The app will also send young users a weekly summary of their total screen time.

The restrictions on TikTok usage for younger users resemble those implemented in China to combat gaming addiction. This move may be welcomed by child safety advocates, as TikTok usage among teens has been linked to mental health concerns and other harmful behaviours.

TikTok's introduction of such features may also improve its image with authorities concerned with data privacy and well-being. In addition to the age-specific screen time limit, TikTok is adding customisable screen time limits for all users, sleep reminders, and parental controls.