Tiktok user claims Facebook is monitoring her conversations

Tanya, a TikTok user, has made a claim that Facebook is listening to her private conversations and using them to show her personalised advertisements. She cites an example where she had a conversation with her sister about men having a foot fetish during a pedicure session and later saw an advertisement for a foot-related product on her Facebook timeline.

Meta, the company behind Facebook, has released a statement denying these claims and explaining how they use information to show advertisements. They state that they do not listen to conversations unless the user has given permission and is actively using a feature that requires the microphone. The company explains that they use information such as user activity on Instagram and Facebook, content that the user interacts with, interests on Facebook, and information from third-party websites and apps. They also receive information from outside businesses and advertisers, including email addresses.

Users can control the ads they see by adjusting their ad preferences or removing information from their Facebook account that they do not want to be used.