Twitter Blue now available in more than 20 European countries

Twitter Blue, the paid subscription plan of Twitter, is now available in more than 20 new European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, and Poland, among others, making the subscription service available in over 35 countries globally.

The service was first launched by Elon Musk in December at a monthly cost of $8 and included features such as a Blue verification mark, the ability to post 60-minute videos, 4,000-character tweets, priority in conversations, and legacy features like an edit tweet function, a thread reader, and bookmark folders.

Twitter also introduced an annual plan at $84 per year in January and recently launched it on both iOS and Android platforms at $114 per year. However, the subscription service has reportedly failed to attract a significant number of subscribers, with estimates suggesting fewer than 300,000 subscribers.

Earlier this week, Twitter experienced some technical issues that affected several parts of the platform, including timelines, searches, and direct messages, reportedly following the dismissal of more than 200 employees in a recent round of job cuts.